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winner teaching you how to make an entrance. 

i want you to want me~ 

" R e d  L i g h t " was some kind of warning message expressed in a bigger picture. Taboo and Longing. Utopia and Dystopia. Reality and Ideal. By presenting all these contradicting codes together, I wanted to show what the world has forbidden on one side; on the opposite, how you yearn for personal ideals.

~Min Heejin (SM Visual & Art Director)

Youngbae’s expression probably means “Yeah it’s my bestfriend, this is how he plays with me all the time”

CL @ Moschino Fashion Show 

Youngjae pretending to put lipstick o Daehyun

1 /  moments of Junghope

rap monster and his gang 


Jungkook so badass

Taetae drunk adventures ft. Kookie