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Berry. 94 liner. YG stan and obsessed with Bangtan. Currently on semi-hiatus ~
what am I to you


[SCAN] Seunghoon @ WINNER on ELLE KOREA november Issue
Bangtan Lyrics : 24/7 = Heaven
bts 'war of hormone' [click for higher res]

bless the followers who tolerate your 95% fandom posts that aren’t even their fandom

Dara Park for “Gotta Be You” MV Photoshoot, early 2014.

mino x elle

your eyes, nose, lips

I’m really quite thankful towards you for existing



I tell myself it’s not true but I feel the spoiler
Should I watch till the end? Or should I leave now?
What if there’s a twist?
I can’t let you go

  312-313/   edits of jeon jeongguk.

[HQ] IKON Bobby for Nylon Korea 1284x1600
Source: BobbyxPanda

Kim Namjoon | 호르몬 전쟁 concept photo

Your cold eyes and words are the spoiler
In your every action, I see our end[.]